FACT: People exposed to video are FOUR TIMES more likely to engage with your brand, products and services. We can help…

New Media produces videos that SELL…

New Media Video Productions gives our clients a complete menu of “Corporate Video Production Services in Vancouver.”  Whether you need an on line video for your website, a promotional video for You Tube, a broadcast video production, a trade show video, tv commercials or an informative corporate video, our team of videographers, writers and producers will give you the best value for your investment.

You don’t need a Hollywood budget to produce a blockbuster video.  Advancements in technology give us the capability to record, edit and produce quality video in HD for a fraction of what it used to cost.   So when you add our expertise as marketers and our professional videographers, video editors, voice over talent with the right graphics and music you have a video that is worth watching.  In fact when you have the right script combined with interesting video sequences and narration that sells, your potential customers will connect with your products and services.

Are you using You Tube as part of your marketing mix?  Today anyone can take advantage of free video posting on You Tube and become a broadcaster.  But first you need video content that will be of interest to your viewers.  That’s where we come in.  We are marketing experts and can show you how to use You Tube and other Social Media Channels to attract more interest to your products and services. You Tube can be an excellent promotional tool to demonstrate products, describe your service offering and showcase your people and location.  But you must look professional!

Why should you use New Media Video Productions? There are many production companies who  produce videos, but we are unique.  We are marketing specialists – not artsy-fartsy movie producers.  Our background is in sales, so we understand that you need to attract more customers and sell more products and services.

Your video will help you attract more interest and sell more products while fitting in to your overall marketing plan.  We understand branding.  We understand sales and we know how to sell.

Our process…

We start by meeting with you in person.  We are located in Vancouver but we serve clients throughout the lower mainland, in all of BC and Alberta.  Our Producer will work with you to determine the scope of the work that needs to be done.  Once we understand your needs we recommend a video production style and an affordable video budget.

We guarantee that your video production will be consistent with your company’s message, values and brand personality. Your script is custom written to meet your goals and your completed video production will be delivered on budget.

Our Corporate Video Production Services in Vancouver include:

-TV Commercials


-Broadcast Videos

-Corporate Videos

-Product Promotion Videos

-Educational Videos & Training Videos

-Trade Show Videos

-Seminar Videos

-Special Event Coverage Videos (Golf Tournaments, Grand Openings, Presentations)

-Video Tours

-Interview Videos

-Videos for your website

-Videos for You Tube


Our Guarantee: We will manage and produce your video quickly, efficiently and on budget.

We work with all size clients:  From small local retailers to larger regional clients.  Your investment will depend on what you need and your budget.  In all cases we follow a proven process to give you a video that meets your goals. Our flexible rates make it easy for you to have the video production you need.


Call for a Free Consultation: New Media Video Productions:  604.805.1256

Our Crew:

In many cases we will shoot your video at your location.  Our crew shows up with all the equipment, from lighting to sound and cameras to shoot on location showing your company and your people at work. Have a look at some of our recent projects.  You will find a variety of video productions from small to high budget productions.  Our team is made up of professionals with many levels of experience.  For example if you are looking for a simple low budget web video we can do it.  If you are looking for a higher budget film production we have the people to do that too.  Our people have experience in the film, video and movie industry and have worked on everything from feature films, TV series and documentaries.

Our Process:

Our “Corporate Video Production Services in Vancouver” starts with a meeting.  We meet with you to determine what you need and to give you an estimated budget.  With your approval we start writing your custom video script. We work together to ensure the script is exactly what you want your audience to see and hear.  Many video producers do not pay attention to WHAT you say in your video production; they just want it to look nice. We do both. We begin by coming up with compelling copy that will grab the viewer’s attention and enhance the video sequences. Then we recommend graphics, music and narration – done by professional voice over artists.

New Media Video Productions is a full service agency giving you access to the best actors and voice talent available for your budget.

Your corporate video production is a complete package, delivered all within your budget, including:

-On location scouting

-Production set up; Lighting and Staging as required

-1, 2 or 3 HD cameras with videographers

-Production Director

-Make up and wardrobe, if necessary

-Video production editors

-Your choice of professional Voice Over artists

-background music

-Graphics and 3D animation as required

-Digital delivery and DVD dubbing


Once we have your corporate video production edited together, we review the first cut with you. Then we make any changes or additions as may be required.  Next we move to the final editing phase, where we complete graphics and music.  On acceptance of the final video production we deliver it, however and wherever you need it.  If necessary we can set up a You Tube Video channel for you, duplicate your video production on DVDs or deliver it online for your website.

Over the years we have produced simple, effective web videos to high budget national TV commercials.  What type of video production do you need?

Call us for a free video production consultation. We can turn your ideas into a video that sells! Call New Media Video Productions:  604.805.1256

Need more Info?  We can give you a list of our video production clients… and you can ask them about us! (email link info@newmediaadgroup.com )

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