RADIO WORKS!  And with so many radio stations in Vancouver – all claiming they deliver results –  it can be confusing to choose the right radio stations for your business. That’s where I come in.  I will create a powerful, customized radio plan that works for you!

 Here’s What We Do:

  • Identify the RIGHT Radio Stations for your target
  • Suggest a Budget that will work
  • Negotiate Rates and Value added airtime
  • Deliver the best possible On Air Frequency
  • Review all invoices/affidavits and negotiate any make goods/bonus airtime
  • Send you ONE, simple, easy to read monthly invoice
  • Handle all Media Rep’s calls
  • Custom Production & Creative Services


Are the station reps calling you and you don’t know which stations to choose?

How can you get the best ROI on Radio? Will it work?

Call 604.805.1256.  I can help you cut through the confusion!


Now, Here’s the full story:

“Radio planning and buying services in Vancouver”

New Media Sales & Management Co. Ltd has been a professional agency serving clients in Western Canada since 1999.  Our “Radio planning and buying services in Vancouver” has helped our clients get the results they are looking for by delivering the best value for their broadcast budget. We use a combination of the right frquency schedule and a compelling, professionally produced radio commercial to deliver your offer to a target audience.  My approach guarantees results.  Just ask my clients…

My name is Gary Chomyn.  I started my career in Edmonton, Alberta and today I am an experienced media planner and buyer in Vancouver.  I have a different perspective than other media buyers, because I sold millions of dollars in radio time radio as a station rep and then I became a general sales manager for radio stations in Vancouver.  I understand how radio works, how to get the best frequency and I know how to negotiate additional value added airtime at no additional cost.

With my knowledge and experience I put together the best radio plan for your money.  I understand frequency and rotations and how to use the right message and production to get you the results you are looking for.  My clients have told me that I take the guess work out of using radio.  I know what works and I know what it costs to get results.  Are you spending too much or too little on your radio plan?  I will tell you.

How many radio commercials do you hear that sound alike, with the same catch phrases read by the same tired announcers?  Chances are the radio campaign was placed by a business owner or general manager based on a budget they created.  They called the radio station (or the station called them) and they bought a package…and production was free!  The station wrote the spot and their best announcer read it and voila, you have a radio campaign! Sound familiar?

I work differently.  “Radio planning and buying services in Vancouver” starts with an in depth needs analysis.  I work with you to figure out who you want to reach and what your best opportunity is to sell more product.  I never ask you: “what’s your budget?” That’s my job to figure out.  Based on the information I get I will tell you how much you need to spend to reach your goals. With that information I go to work doing research on your market area to determine the best radio stations for you.

When I build a radio campaign for my clients I negotiate the best rates on long term frequency and I include value added as part of every campaign.  There are a lot of misconceptions about what works and what does not work.  Long term frequency works.  Good compelling copy and strong production works. I do all that for you.  I am an expert at it. My clients will tell you that I deliver results month after month.

“Radio planning and buying services in Vancouver” delivers results with the right schedule, frequency and value added guaranteed. New Media Sales & Management has a15 year, proven track record.


For many years I have been helping clients get the results they need.  I have worked with many product categories.  Check our website for samples of our work.  If you listen to radio in Western Canada I am sure you have heard one of our many campaigns.

My services are free.  As a recognized agency I earn a commission from the radio stations.  That’s how I get paid.

New Media Ad Group’s Radio planning and buying services in Vancouver takes the hassle out of working with radio stations.  In addition to negotiating rates and rotations our services also includes, reviewing and reconciling invoices.  This means we ensure you get what you paid for and that all the commercials ran in the right rotation every week.  This is an important step many “do it yourselfers” ignore. I also look after paying for each month’s media costs for you.  You just pay our one monthly invoice.  I take the hassle out of handling all the invoices saving you and your accounting department time.  In addition I also deal with all those phone calls and emails from media reps too. This gives you more time to run your business…

If you have tried using radio advertising as part of your marketing strategy before and were not happy with the results, you are not alone.  Many of our clients have been frustrated before they came to us.  New Media Ad Group can show you what you need to do and we do it for you.

Call us for a free consultation and we will give you a list of references.  Since 1999 we have been serving clients in Western Canada.

Radio planning and buying services in Vancouver are available by calling 604.805.1256 or contact us via email:

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